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Benefits Administration Systems: Output Data Quality Determines Success or Failure of a Platform

Steve Helsing ยท Jul 22, 2021
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Delivering on time and accurate data following an online open enrollment or life event has been a challenging proposition for most of the service vendors in the benefits administration space since automation began in the mid 1990’s. As painful experiences have repeatedly proven, a quality rules engine is mandatory to have any chance of success. Just as important is data management – if the benefit system data control tools are not “professional grade” customer satisfaction will prove an elusive goal.


If your current enrollment vendor delivers consistently on time and accurate data for your open and ongoing events for both core and voluntary benefit offerings, your firm is in great shape and you should stay where you are. If quality, on time, data remains a challenge, the following strategies outline why Zevo’s data quality leads the entire outsourced benefits administration and enrollment market. Zevo Benefits has developed proprietary data controls within the platform to give customers tools to maintain clean data in the Zevo platform, but ALSO to identify data that exists in a customers source system – payroll/HRIS – that may be a primary/contributing factor for data issues:


Control #1 – DataPatrol: this automation cycles through an employer’s data every 24 hours to identify any enrollment transactions or data elements that may exist in the employee and dependent demographic or election record that may go against the established accuracy filter set up. Examples are duplicate spouses, missing or incorrect SSN’s, dependents turning 26, etc.


Control #2 – Server-Side Rate Parity: this automation reviews periodically all deduction information in employee records and compares them to the benefit set-up and rate structure to identify any inconsistencies that might affect payroll or vendor billing accuracy.


These are two (2) examples of attention to detail and accuracy the team at Zevo Benefits have taken to create and ensure output data accuracy for your firm’s benefits administration needs.


If the above suggests that your firm should be talking to Zevo, reach out to us.

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