Benefits with a focus on the fundamentals

Our benefits builder is the most flexible engine in the industry.

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Benefits Engine

With a first-principles approach, we've been able to build a benefits administration experience that is focused on functionality and the most robust and flexible benefits engine ever conceived.

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Our user experience will blow you away.

Enrolling in benefits can be daunting, so we’re here to make the experience as easy and straightforward as possible. Zevo eliminates the unnecessary, presents users with obvious paths to their goals and avoids overwhelming them with confusing health care and insurance words. This way, employees stay completely in control of their enrollment journey, from start to finish.

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Accuracy & Automation

Zevo views data management as the cornerstone of benefits administration and has built a set of internal audit and automation tools that are highly acclaimed.

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And everything else, too.

Benefits Administration

Streamline your benefits administration process with Zevo's user-friendly, flexible, and accurate platform.


Easily integrate your existing systems with Zevo Benefits for seamless data transfer and streamlined processes.

ACA Reporting

Stay compliant with ease using Zevo's comprehensive ACA reporting capabilities.

Data Patrol

Eliminate data errors with Zevo's proprietary Data Patrol, ensuring accuracy and reducing risk.

Consolidated Billing

Simplify your billing process with Zevo's consolidated billing solution.

Affinity Processing

Streamline payments for large affinity groups with Zevo Benefits' alternative payment methods.


A flexible and customizable platform that allows employers to configure and manage their benefits packages according to their specific needs and preferences.

Analytics and Reporting

Robust analytics and reporting capabilities that provide real-time insights into benefits utilization, costs, and trends.

Employee Self-Service

A user-friendly employee self-service portal that allows employees to easily enroll in benefits, manage their accounts, and access relevant information and resources.

We ❤️ Our Partners

I just completed my open enrollment and I have to say: This was the best managed process, best tool, and documentation I have seen through the roughly 40 open enrollments I have completed over the last 20 years. Kudos to you all for producing such a well thought and professional product!

Zevo helps us streamline Benefits Administration for our clients, while providing an exceptional user experience & prompt service. Their emphasis on API connections positions us well for future tech enhancements within the industry, and their turnkey ACA Service makes 1094s a breeze.

Zevo is a great partner with modern, flexible technology that seamlessly integrates with our systems offering a comprehensive benefit administration platform to our clients.

Say goodbye to bureaucracy 🏢 and disruptors 🚀 and hello to flexibility, accuracy, and a human-centered approach.

Benefits administration doesn't have to be painful.