Our Philosophy

Aligning With Your Vision: We are committed to becoming a part of your team and going above and beyond to deliver the highest quality, to align with your goals and to serve your customers as you would have them be served. We’re dedicated to being flexible and innovative to make sure the best benefit experience is realized.

True Lowest Cost Best Value: Let's be frank. There's no such thing as free benefits administration. We don't deceive you by offering a supposedly "free" service like some of our competitors: a bare-bones offering with no support whose true cost is only realized later on. We offer a complete and agile platform. Our mission is to offer the lowest cost best total value platform on the market.

Focusing on What Matters: We used first principles thinking to re-imagine the benefits administration process and make sure we got the true core correct, instead of just adding "bells and whistles" on top of a framework intended to only handle basic products.

Data is at the Heart of Benefits Administration: Without spotless data, complex errors will emerge at the worst possible times. Our innovative auditing, intake, and output tools focus on data fundamentals to prevent errors at the source.

Simplify & Make Approachable: We believe a simpler user experience benefits everyone in the value chain and is a great step towards lowering total health care costs. We believe this business has become unnecessarily complex for everyone due to the design-by-committee nature of the industry.

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