Steve Helsing
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Steve brings 35 years in the employee benefits industry, primarily focused on start-up and turnaround roles for the organizations he has served. In 2000, Steve began consulting with organizations on the integration of online enrollment strategies and voluntary/worksite benefits enrollment. His work eventually led to the formation of Tricerion Group in 2007. With rapid growth over 3 years, Tricerion Group was acquired by USI in 2011.
Ryan Helsing
Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer
Ryan is nationally recognized as a leader in employee benefits industry technology creation, starting in his mid-teen years with creations such as Benefit Pods. With a Computer Science background, expertise in Ruby on Rails development and a deep understanding of data and benefits, Ryan created the Zevo software, and was most recently recognized by Employee Benefits News as a Tech Innovator.
David Essary
David brings 20+ years of employee benefits marketing experience, pioneering the delivery of supplemental benefits at the workplace with Unum, and merging that focus into the emerging online enrollment & benefit administration space in the early 2000’s. David currently serves as Chair of the Board of the Bobby Dodd Institute, and as a Co-Founder of Zevo, he is focused on market development, strategic direction and financial relationships.
Jim Fredrickson
Executive Vice-President
Jim’s role in the Zevo team is to provide mentoring to the management team based on many years of experience in starting successful technology organizations. He also has a focus on growing our licensee/reseller channel. Jim has served as founder of a number of organizations, most notably Innovative Process Administrators (IPA), which sold to Mercer Consulting in 2010.
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