User Experience
Enrolling in benefits can seem a little daunting, so we’re here to make the experience as easy and straightforward as possible. Zevo eliminates the unnecessary, presents users with obvious paths to their goals and avoids overwhelming them with confusing health care and insurance words. This way, employees stay completely in control of their enrollment journey, from start to finish.
Benefits Engine
We've used first principles thinking to build a benefits administration experience with pure focus on functionality and the most robust and flexible benefits engine ever conceived. "What took the other guys thousands of hours took Zevo less than 10!" - Scott Tickner, Trustmark
Decision Support
Our interactive decision support tools help employees overcome the indecision that often accompanies benefit enrollment. We ask a few simple questions, then suggest plan options based on employees’ unique responses, integrated data and national statistics.
Accuracy & Automation
Zevo views data management as the cornerstone of benefit administration and has built a set of internal audit and automation tools that are highly acclaimed.
Internal CRM Tools
Internal chat features allow an employee to have a conversation with HR, a call center or whoever is designated to respond to inquiries. These conversations become part of the employee record as a time and date stamped audit trail. The Zevo ticketing system further allows admin users to communicate, post files, make updates and more.
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