Empower your People
Enrolling in benefits can seem a little daunting, so we’re here to make the experience as easy and straightforward as possible. Zevo eliminates the unnecessary, presents users with obvious paths to their goals and avoids overwhelming them with confusing health care and insurance words. This way, employees stay completely in control of their enrollment journey, from start to finish.
Insight to drive decision making
Zevo is passionate about harnessing the power of data to drive better decision making, both for individual employees and benefits specialists. Our team will help refine your benefits strategy to get the most value out of it. And, as your organization scales and that strategy evolves, we’ll tailor our solutions to fit your needs.
Accessible Anywhere
We have taken great strides to build a customizable benefits experience that is leagues better than the competition. Whether you are dual-wielding monitors or browsing your smart-phone while sipping margaritas, our tools will function perfectly.
Secure by Default
Rest easy knowing your data has been subjected to rigid security protocols. Every change in the system is tracked and stored on our immutable ledger.
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